All About Alix


profile pic_edited 1Good to have you here with me on my little Mediterranean island, where there are 356 days of sunshine each year and the sea is a short hop from my house. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But don’t be fooled: amidst the windsurfing and sailing, snorkelling and sunbathing I put in a lot of work. Not only am I the Chief Features Writer for Cyprus’ most widely-circulated English language paper, I also have a thriving Freelance business in content creation, copy editing, and proof reading…

And when I’m not writing (or snorkeling!) I’m building this blog: coercing the scramble of colours, sounds and sensations in my head onto the blank page. Because – as you’ll see from my very first post – I was born to write, be it about what’s going on in my head, the island of Cyprus or the creative process itself.  So sit back and enjoy a glimpse into island life, via the mind of an introverted synaesthete with a love of words. Let’s step into the Mediterranean together…

Alix is Chief Features Writer for the Sunday Mail and Cyprus Mail, as well as a Freelance Content Creator, Copy Editor and Proof Reader. To view Alix’s portfolio, click here. For more information on her services, please visit or, or email

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