WHEELS IN MOTION? On the road in Cyprus

Auto rescue services. Sure, we have them, but we don’t really need them. Because when you’ve just broken down on 20150310_120247 (2)a mountain road, been blocked into your parking space or embedded your wheels in the beach – all of which have happened to me, thankfully not on the same day – someone always pops up to help you out.

Driving home on the highway one evening, the electrics in both my car and my phone gave up the ghost at the same time. In any other country, I would have locked the doors and sat tight till dawn. But this is Cyprus: the first passer by pulled over, offered the use of his mobile and stayed with me till my more mechanically-minded partner arrived, half an hour later. And this is hardly the first time I’ve been rescued from a driving dilemma: blocked into a parking space in old Nicosia, I was saved by a gang of jovial gentlemen who poured from the nearby cafenion and proceeded – with much good natured laughter – to bump the offending vehicle out of my way.  And I can’t count the number of times I’ve been overly optimistic about the beach-going capabilities of my four wheel drive – and subsequently been freed by locals carrying a length of stout rope and a couple of planks purely – it would seem – for the purpose of rescuing silly girls from the sand! (click here for ‘All At Sea’)

images (3)The answer, of course, may be to be more realistic in my vehicular expectations. But do I really need to? On this island, there’s always someone who will help get the wheels back in motion.


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